Hazardous Material Consulting

Asbestos Management

Energy & Environment has developed an asbestos management services program that provides effective and economical solutions to asbestos-related issues and concerns. Energy & Environment is licensed by the New York State Department of Labor as an Asbestos Handler and we employ a seasoned staff of certified Asbestos Inspectors, Air Sampling Technicians, Project Monitors, Management Planners, Professional Engineer and Project Designers. Energy & Environment’s certified asbestos specialists:

  • Conduct building surveys, including the collection and analysis of asbestos bulk samples;
  • Conduct asbestos abatement oversight/monitoring, including collection air sampling and analyses;
  • Develop Operations and Maintenance (O&M) programs to provide guidance on managing asbestos in place;
  • Develop plans and specifications for asbestos abatement;
  • Provide construction surveillance and project management;
  • Petition NYSDOL regarding Site Specific Variances;
  • Provide Asbestos Awareness Training; and
  • Provide software for asbestos management.

Lead-Based Paint Management

Effective control of lead-based paint (LBP) requires the combined expertise of industrial hygienists and engineers. Energy & Environment has developed LBP management services that provide effective and economical solutions. We employ EPA licensed lead inspectors and risk assessors who provide:

  • Building Surveys and Risk Assessments;
  • Operations and Maintenance Programs;
  • Plans and Specifications for LBP Abatement; and
  • Construction Surveillance and Project Management.

PCB Management

​Energy & Environment routinely collects samples of caulking compounds to determine if the material contains >50 PPM of PCB's. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates PCB caulk as an unautorized use product if it contains >50 PPM of PCB. It's important to determine if PCB remediation will be required during a renovation project during the planning and design phase of the project to avoid costly and timely change orders.

Universal Waste Materials

​Energy & Environment conducts comprehensive inventories throughout a facility identifying Universal Waste products such as; flourescent light bulbs, batteries, mercury containing thermostats and PCB containing light ballasts. Its important that these items be properly containerized, labeled and disposed of correctly.